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EPP Theory Seminar: Gherardo Vita - Collinear Expansion of Cross Sections and the EEC at N3LL' in QCD

In this talk I'll show how to efficiently expand hadronic cross sections around the kinematic limit of all final state radiation being collinear to one hadron. I'll introduce this method in pp collisions and show how to extend it to describe semi-inclusive DIS (SIDIS) processes. I'll present some applications of this technique for the study of different physical observables:

the back-to-back asymptotic of the EEC at N3LO in QCD (and its resummation at N3LL', which is the highest level of accuracy for the resummation of a physical observable in QCD to date), the approximation of rapidity distributions at the LHC, as well as the calculation of fundamental objects governing the IR of QCD, as the transverse momentum dependent (TMD) beam and fragmentation functions at N3LO.


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