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EPP Theory Seminar: John Ellis: Next$^n$-Generation Searches for Gravitational Waves



In the coming years, several new experiments to detect gravitational waves (GWs) will come online, including KAGA and INDIGO at frequencies above 1 Hz and LISA, which is optimized for frequencies below .01 Hz. The mid-frequency band between these ranges offers many interesting scientific opportunities, including searches for GWs from the mergers of intermediate-mass black holes with masses above 1000 solar masses, which may have been important in the assembly of the supermassive black holes in galactic centres, as well as GWs from first-order phase transitions in the early universe and cosmic strings. Terrestrial experiments based on cold atom interferometry could have interesting sensitivities in the mid-frequency GW band, as well as for detecting ultra-light dark matter. Finally, I present a concept for a cold atom experiment in space called AEDGE, and discuss some of its capabilities.



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