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EPP Theory Seminar: Juri Smirnov - Strongly interacting dark matter, Co-SIMP freezeout and UV-completions

I will present a new mechanism for thermally produced dark matter, based on a semi-annihilation-like process,χ+χ+ SMχ+ SM, with intriguing consequences for the properties of dark matter. First, its mass is low,.1 GeV (but > 5 keV to avoid structure-formation constraints). Second, itis strongly interacting, leading to kinetic equilibrium between the dark and visible sectors, avoiding the structure-formation problems of χ+χ+χχ+χ models. Third, in the 32 process, one dark matter particle is consumed, giving the standard-model particle a monoenergetic recoil. I will show that this new scenario is presently allowed, which is surprising (perhaps a “minor miracle”). However, it can be systematically tested by novel analyses in present and near-term experiments. In addition to discussing the freezeout mechanism in an effective theory, I will show new paths to UV-complete models that feature a Co-SIMP freezeout.


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