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EPP Theory Seminar: Keith Olive: Building models of Inflation in No-Scale Supergravity


The construction of inflationary models in the context of no-scale supergravity is discussed. The connection between no-scale models and R+R^2 gravity models is emphasized allowing for the construction of Starobinsky-like models of inflation. General constructions of Minkowski and deSitter vacua in no-scale supergravity is also discussed. In this context it is possible to include supersymmetry breaking and a residual cosmological constant providing the dark energy. UV completions of the theory in the context of SO(10) and flipped SU(5)xU(1) grand unified theories are presented. In the latter, we are able to relate, reheating, neutrino masses, the baryon asymmetry, and the abundance of dark matter from gravitino decays. 


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