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EPP Theory Seminar: New physics interpretations of the MiniBooNE excess at the MicroBooNE experiment - Matheus Hostert (Perimeter, U.of Minnesota)

Abstract: The MicroBooNE experiment has recently presented results on a few interpretations of the 4.7 sigma excess of electron-like events at MiniBooNE. While they found no significant deviation from theoretical expectations, we will see that the current data still does not provide a definitive test of the MiniBooNE excess. As an example, I will show that an eV-sterile-neutrino interpretation of the MiniBooNE excess is still allowed by MicroBooNE data. Other theoretical models with MeV dark sectors also provide an as-of-yet unexplored avenue to explain the excess, and I will discuss show how to search them in the near future.


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