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EPP Theory Seminar: Yu-Dai Tsai - New Physics Searches at the High-Energy Intensity Frontier: LongQuest & FORMOSA Experiments

I will give a general overview of experimental facilities with high energies and high intensities, focusing on proton fixed-target (at Fermilab) and hadron collider experiments (at the LHC). I will classify the searches as "decay" searches and "scattering" searches, and detail the new physics models of interest. These experiments can help close the gap between the low-mass/high-mass gap for the dark sector searches, and the low-energy/high-energy gap for the neutrino study.

I will then present two new experimental proposals, LongQuest and FORMOSA. LongQuest is a multi-purpose proton fixed-target experiment, studying the decay particles, including dark photons and axion-like particles. FORMOSA is a specialized LHC forward experiment that is the world-most sensitive proposal to study millicharged particles, and also has the potential ability to study heavy neutrino and tau neutrino dipole moments. FORMOSA can be constructed at the proposed Forward Physics Facility (FPF).

Finally, I will discuss the possibility of constructing a TeV "Forward Neutrino Campus" at the LHC forward physics region to conduct high-energy neutrino cross-section measurements.

This talk is based on arXiv:2008.08608, arXiv:1908.07525, arXiv:2010.07941, arXiv:1812.03998, and ongoing works. Similar concepts can be applied to electron colliders (e.g., ILC & Belle).


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