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EPP Theory Seminar: Zahra Zahraee

In this talk we will discuss the low-spin analyticity of the leading Regge trajectories in 3D Ising Conformal Field Theory. The analysis is performed by using the Lorentzian inversion formula (Froissart-Gribov formula for CFTs) and the precise low-lying spectrum (obtained from the numerical conformal bootstrap) as an input. Specifically, we will answer two questions; first, can the leading Regge trajectories be extended to J<2 and include spin 0 operators? We will provide evidence that the answer to this question is affirmative. Second, what is the value of the intercept for the leading Regge trajectory? We will argue that the intercept of the model is below unity: j ≈ 0.8, indicating that the high-energy scattering in this theory is transparent. This in turn implies the regularity of the spectrum for heavy operators. Lastly, we will indicate how our observation is supported by analytics in the large-N O(N) model.


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