PINS 2019

Precision Investigations of the Neutrino Sector, PINS 2019, SLAC, July 14-17

Latest Announcements

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The Nobel-prize-winning discovery of neutrino masses and flavor mixing represents a breakthrough in the search for physics beyond the Standard Model. As the field of neutrino physics enters the precision era, neutrino experiments are taking center stage in the US HEP domestic portfolio and worldwide. The new generation of experiments offer new opportunities, while also posing new kinds of challenges. How well do we need to understand neutrino-nucleus cross sections for experiments such as DUNE and HyperK to be successful? Can we reconcile data from the different short-baseline experiments? What are the sources of the Ultra-High Energy neutrinos seen at IceCube? How do we read the neutrino signal from the next galactic supernova? What is the physics behind the neutrino masses and mixings? Are there more than three neutrino types? Do neutrinos couple to hidden forces? This 4-day workshop will cover many facets of modern neutrino physics, from experimental updates, to open questions in neutrino theory, to astrophysical and cosmological neutrinos. 

Topics to be covered

  • Latest precision measurements of the oscillation parameters
  • Physics of the neutrino-nucleon and neutrino-nucleus scattering cross sections
  • Models of the neutrino sector
  • Searches for new physics beyond the three-flavor paradigm
  • Astrophysical neutrinos
  • Cosmological signatures of neutrinos 


The workshop will be held at  SLAC, in the Redwood conference room, on the first floor of the ROB building (Bldg. 48, see the B30 square in this map). The Stanford Guest House is also located on site at SLAC (C33 square of the map). Here is the location of SLAC on Google Maps

Guest House Reservations

Please make your room reservations directly with the Stanford Guest House by calling their Front Desk at 650-926-2800 or by booking online here. Be sure to use the Group Code PINS2019. Notice that you will need to provide your credit card to hold the reservation. Those receiving financial support will be reimbursed for their stay at the conclusion of the workshop. 


All external participants are required to pay a registration fee of $200 to confirm their attendance. The Guest House will release the room if the registration fee is not received.

SLAC participants may register with STAP funds. Please select the appropriate menu option on the registration page.

Speaker Instructions

By default, talks are scheduled to be ~ 45 minutes long + 15 minutes for questions and discussions. Experience shows that this format is generally superior to 15-20 minute talks that are common at most large conferences these days. You can most certainly elect to give a shorter talk: this will in fact help lighten up what is presently a very full schedule. As for getting more time for your talk, this may be tricky to accommodate, but if you have a compelling case please email us and we will do what we can (this involves working with the other speakers in your session).

You are allowed and in fact encouraged to use your own laptop. The projector will be connected via a standard VGA port. Please remember to bring any necessary adapters and other accessories you'd like to use (remotes for changing slides, etc). There will be a SLAC laptop as a backup option, in case something goes wrong.

Please have a PDF version of your talk ready for posting on this website. Past experience shows that it is very important to do this in real time, to promote discussions. You can either do it yourself before you talk or have us upload the file for you. Your SLAC INDICO account is set up with the email you used to communicate with us.

Getting Here 

SLAC and Stanford University are located in the heart of Northern California's Silicon Valley. The closest airports are San Francisco International (SFO) and San Jose International (SJC), with flying into Oakland (OAK) across the San Francisco Bay also a possibility. Uber or Lyft are the most straightforward and frequently-used options.

Alternatively, the Supershuttle can take you from SFO to SLAC for $25 (shared-ride van) or $77 (non-stop van) one-way. Indicate "Stanford Guesthouse" as your destination when making a reservation on their website. From SJC, it's possible to take a free shuttle to Caltrain (Santa Clara Station) and then transfer to the Guest House shuttle bus or Marguerite Shuttle. Advanced reservations for the Guest House shuttle are strongly recommended, see here for details.

The SLAC website provides helpful driving directions and SLAC visitor maps.

Historical Note

For the first meeting in the PINS series, see the page for PINS 2017. The PINS meeting series is a direct decendant of the INFO (Implications of Neutrino Flavor Oscillations) meetings that were held biennially in Santa Fe, New Mexico from 2005 to 2015. The agendas for those meetings, and the PDFs of all talks, are still available: INFO 05INFO 07INFO 09INFO 11INFO 13INFO 15. All meetings share a common format and a common philosophy: presentations on both theory and experiment, topics in particle and nuclear physics as well as in neutrino astrophysics, no parallel sessions, no 15-20 minute talks, ample time for discussion.

Scientific Contact

Administrative Contact


The meeting is sponsored by the Neutrino Theory Network, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and the DOE Office of Science, Office of High Energy Physics.