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Postdoctoral Positions

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory holds an annual competition for Theoretical Physics Research Associate postdoctoral positions. We welcome applications from anyone working in theoretical high-energy physics, broadly defined. The activities of our group covers a wide range of interests. We will accept all applications through the website Academic Jobs Online. We do not accept applications by physical mail. If you have any difficulties, please email Glenna Paige. Candidates should be sure to submit all materials by the deadline posted on AJO.

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Theory Group subscribes to the Rutgers agreement on postdoctoral offer acceptance deadlines.

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Info for Stanford Graduate Students

Stanford Students

General policy for rotations and admission to the group:

  1. During the Stanford academic year, we offer one quarter of rotation support to any student who knows how to compute Feynman diagrams. (Typically, this would require completion of Physics 330 or the equivalent.)

  2. Projects should be formed through discussion with one of the Theory Group faculty members or staff scientists.

  3. We encourage prospective Theory students to meet all of the SLAC Theory group members, and (insofar as it is consistent with your schedule) to attend our Wednesday and Friday seminars.

  4. Prospective Theory students should meet with the faculty members and staff scientists in the group during one of the open houses to find a research adviser.  Projects lead by a staff scientist will be co-signed by a faculty member.  The Theory Group will support accepted students during their quarterly rotations.

  Contact person: Prof. Thomas Rizzo

Long-term Visitors

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Theory Group would be pleased to arrange visits to our group from theoretical physicists who have won traveling fellowships or have other sources of outside financial support. To inquire about visiting our group under such an arrangement, please contact Prof. Thomas Rizzo. In principle, we can provide a supplement to outside fellowships, but our funding for this purpose is severely limited.

Summer Program

The Theory Group has a limited budget to support theorists who wish to visit the laboratory in the summer. Typically, we will arrange to share costs with your home institution to facilitate your visit to SLAC. We welcome summer visitors in all fields of theoretical high-energy physics, but especially theorists who would like to interact directly with physicists in the SLAC experimental programs. To inquire about the summer program, please contact Prof. Thomas Rizzo by email at If it is possible, we would like to hear from you before March 31 for a visit in the upcoming summer.