About the Theory Group

SLAC’s internationally recognized theory program pursues excellence across a broad spectrum of theoretical research in advancing the frontiers of particle physics, particle astrophysics and cosmology. Theories developed by SLAC physicists help describe the nature of elementary particles and point to new symmetries of nature. They describe exciting results that could come from experiments around the world, from measurements in cosmology to particle collisions at the Large Hadron Collider. They advance models of string theory and offer important insight into our understanding of dark matter. And much, much more.

These theoretical signposts give experimenters a much better idea of where to look for the next big discovery. In this way, SLAC’s theory group is both the intellectual foundation of the SLAC high-energy physics program and a leader in supporting and guiding the strategic directions for particle physics and astrophysics experiments in the United States and beyond. In addition, members of the SLAC theory group go out of their way to support the broader particle physics community, serving on panels, editing journals, and running conferences and summer schools around the world.

The theory group also trains and develops the next generation of theoretical physicists, mentoring research associates and research assistants. The group has an unmatched record of placing its youngest members in long-term academic positions.

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