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Core-collapse Supernova Theory: Recent Progress and New Questions - Hans-Thomas Janka (Garching, online)


Abstract: Supernova theory and the numerical modeling, in particular in 3D, have achieved remarkable progress over the past 10 years. This progress has permitted to confront supernova models with observations, providing strong support for the viability of the neutrino-driven explosion mechanism for the majority of massive-star explosions. However, results obtained by different groups with different numerical codes do not show agreement (yet), in particular also with respect to success or failure of the explosion. This demands detailed code comparisons. The talk will review the status of stellar collapse simulations and report on questions that have recently moved into the focus of the Garching group, for example the possible consequences of fast neutrino flavor conversion in supernova cores and a re-assessment of the SN 1987A neutrino signal in the light of modern supernova models.


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