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Probing the CP Structure of the Top Quark Yukawa at the Future Muon Collider - Ian M. Lewis (Kansas U)


Abstract: In recent years the possibility of a high energy muon collider has garnered renewed interest. For any future collider, measuring the properties of the Higgs boson will be one of its main tasks. In this talk, I will present a study on measuring a CP violating top Yukawa at a future multi-TeV muon collider. The processes under consideration will allow for direct probes of the top quark Yukawa.  That is, processes that include a top quark and Higgs in the final state. I will present several possible angular observables that are sensitive to CP violation. In addition to those, we found that a CP violating Yukawa drastically changes the cross section of top+Higgs processes in the 10s of TeV region.  I will present a collider study and project the sensitivity of cross section measurements to a CP violating to Yukawa at a future muon collider at energies of 1, 3, 10, and 30 TeV.


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